The Collected Aerial Adventures of Fritz the Fox
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All of Fritz's funniest cartoons can now be found in one place...and what better place than an airplane? You can take Fritz's toons wherever you go and watch them on anything you like with this attractive collectible USB stick shaped like a jet fighter. Just slide the tail off of this sturdy metal plane and stick it into the USB port of your chosen device...TV, blu-ray player, PC, whatever...and you will be flying along with Fritz the Fox in no time! Each USB stick contains both old and new cartoons mastered in hi-definition: Fritzkrieg, The Blue Fox, Fritz at Toko-Ri, Bad Day Over Bosnia, Spacebat: A 2009 Odyssey and Furry Red Menace.

As a bonus, the Multiformat version also includes a special 3D version of Bad Day Over Bosnia, along with the 3D glasses required to view it!

Shipping charge for orders within the United States is included in the price and is by U.S. Mail, depending upon your location, which should take from 4-7 days to arrive, although you should allow up to 10 days before getting annoyed. US DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY. If you need international shipping, please email me for pricing.

Video formats included are compatible with most HDTV's, Windows and Mac devices. Note that your playback device MUST have a USB port. If you are unsure which format to choose, MP4's play on the widest variety of devices, including Apple and Android devices and many TV's. Blu-ray format will play back on all blu-ray players with a USB port, and will offer the best image and sound quality. WMV plays on all PC's and some devices. All formats offer the cartoons in high-definition.

If your chosen format fails to work for some reason and you need another format, return the collection within thirty days and I will exchange it for an alternate format. If you just can't get it to work at all, you may return it within thirty days for a full refund.

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